Matthew Claudel is the founder of Field States, a benefit company whose mission is to create civic value using strategic design. He is an affiliate faculty member of Portland State University’s Department of Geography, and a Fellow at the Purpose Foundation. Matthew was previously the Strategic Design lead for Curative, a health care company seeking to end the Covid-19 pandemic. At Curative, he piloted and implemented a number of projects, including the vaccination program, which began with a concept and strategy, and grew to 1 million doses delivered over five months. 

Prior to Curative, Matthew co-founded MIT’s designX program, where he was the Head of Civic Innovation and an instructor for four years. Matthew has co-authored two books, Open Source Architecture (Thames & Hudson) and The City of Tomorrow (Yale University Press), and published articles in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and speculative fiction pieces, primarily surrounding the issues of technology, design, and cities. Matthew served on the jury for the Canadian Federal government’s $50M Smart City Challenge, and supports the continuation of the program as a strategic advisor for the Community Solutions Network, through Open North.

Matthew has a doctorate in Advanced Urbanism from MIT, where his work focused on the emerging practices of urban experimentation as they relate to civic value. As an undergraduate, he studied architecture at Yale, and received a Master of Science in Urban Studies from MIT.


Living in Portland, Oregon